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13 March 2009 @ 10:49 pm
longer days, hotter nights  
Gad, i missed you people! --huggles for everyone--

the temperature has been killing me lately. even yahoo has been having fun telling me the truth. it says things like "35 degrees, feels like 37" XDD

anyhow, passed my korean orals today so i'm extremely happy and can get back to subbing. :3 just need to do my projects for my IT classes and my cataloging cards then i'm home free again! X3

will be updating more now and will be checking my fpage again. speaking of flist and shizz, it seems to be defriending week or something. so if you want to defriend me, please take the time to do so now so that when i edit my friends, i can remove you in just one go. thank you.

Also, i know some of you have read this already from my post over @ JOR but i want to pimp this one here as well. :3

savefansubworks is a campaign to stop violations against subbing team rules. Not only on behalf of the JORSubbing Team, or the JE fandom but for all the subbing teams in the world whether it's for a drama, an anime, shows, movies, everything. As long as you're subbing OR are enjoying subbed videos, then this campaign is for you.

Whether you're part of a subbing team who gets irritated with people uploading your releases on online streaming sites no matter how many times you tell people not to do it, or people hotlinking your files --i know most of the people say something like how hard is it to upload-- how hard is it to upload!? i could ask the same question to those hotlinking files. just try uploading one file by 100mb or something. let's see what you think about it.

We know there are loads more of campaigns that are on-going that seem more important than this but think about it. There are loads of people out there who don't follow subbing team rules. some don't even know there are rules
to begin with. What people don't know is that their ignorance can actually cost some subbing teams' efforts going to waste. it's a real pity and i think it's high time someone stood up for our rights.

if you support our cause then please feel free to join savefansubworks. it will only take a few minutes to do so even less than a minute if you just wait for the small box to load and join but it will make a lifetime difference. :3 the community is still under construction but if you like to volunteer or affliate yourself --like you have a subbing team--, just leave a comment on the community or contact me via PM or email: malystrynx@gmail.com

I support savefansubworks why don't you?
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